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MiniMed Quick-Serter
Insertion Device

The New and Improved MiniMed Quick-Serter


New and improved MiniMed Quick-Serter is designed based on our patients' feedback. Its new features make infusion set insertion easier, simpler, and quicker.

How to use the MiniMed Quick-Serter

Indication for Use

The MiniMed™ Quick-Serter™ is indicated to use as an aid for inserting compatible devices, namely MiniMedTM Quick-setTM. It is for use by a single patient. It is not for use by multiple patients.

Do not use the Quick-Serter™ with non-compatible devices. Medtronic cannot guarantee the safety or efficacy of the Quick-Serter™ if non-compatible devices are used.

Patient should perform his/hers first set-up of the Quick-Serter™ in the presence of healthcare professional.


For product warranty information, please contact local helpline or representative.

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