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Coming in the Autumn

Automated for an easier* way to stabilise your patients’ glucose levels1,2,3

MiniMedTM 780G system
Self-adjusting basal insulin pump system with new auto correction dosing.

*Compared vs the MiniMed™ 670G system.
Refer to System User Guide-SmartGuard™ feature.  Some user interaction required.

Automated to help your patients reach glycaemic targets of Time in Range >70% and HbA1c <7.0% 1,2,3,4

Automatically adjusts insulin delivery to your patients’ needs, day and night, for an easier* way to stabilise glucose levels1,2,3.

*Compared vs the MiniMed™ 670G system.
Refer to System User Guide-SmartGuard™ feature.  Some user interaction required.

The MiniMed 780G system components

Continuous glucose monitor (CGM)

Guardian™ Sensor 3 measures your patients’ glucose values 288 times a day every 5 minutes and sends this info automatically to their pump, so they can see where their glucose levels are, and where they are heading.

Accu-Chek® Guide Link blood glucose meter

Test results from the Accu-Chek® Guide Link blood glucose meter are sent wirelessly to the pump for quick sensor calibrations.

Accu-Chek® Guide Link User's Manual



MiniMed™ Mio ™ Advance Infusion set

Easy, fast, hassle-free5.

MiniMed™ Mio™ Advance infusion set is designed with a pre-loaded inserter for quicker, easier set changes that require fewer steps5,6.

It can be inserted using one-hand, helping your patients to easily place infusion set in hard to reach areas.

Insulin pump

Based on the up to date info received from CGM every 5 minutes, the waterproof pump makes automatic adjustments and corrections to your patients’ insulin delivery.

If your patients are trending high, the pump gives them more insulin. If your patients are trending low, it gives them less insulin.

It can also alert them to a high or low.

Refer to System User Guide. The pump is waterproof at the time of manufacture and when the reservoir and tubing are properly inserted. It is protected against the effects of being underwater to a depth of up to 3.6 meters (12 feet) for up to 24 hours. See System User Guide for more details.

Minimed™ 780G insulin pump

Personalise your patients’ goals

MiniMed™ 780G system lets your patients select your target (100, 110 or 120 mg/dL; 5.5, 6.1 or 6.7 mmol/L) for a more personalised way to reach your diabetes goals.

MiniMed™ Mobile app

Your patients’ glucose levels can now be viewed on their smartphone, allowing them to easily track their values and get notified on their phone if they are going high or low.

Available to download at no cost for most iOS and Android smartphones.


CareLink™ Connect app

Your patients can choose to share their real-time diabetes data with their care partners*.

Care partners can check glucose values on their phone and get alerts if patients are going high or low*.

Refer to CareLink™ Connect app. Instructions for Use. CareLink™ Connect app requires internet connection


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