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Diabetes management software
CareLink Personal

Developing software
To help patients monitor their treatment.

At Medtronic we're committed to transforming healthcare by giving more people across the world the chance to benefit from solution to help manage their diabetes. CareLink Personal software is a convenient tool designed for patient that brings together critical information from their diabetes monitoring devices as well as self-reported patient information. CareLink® Personal software differs from CareLink® Pro, in that it does not contain the adherence notes and suggestions indicated only for healthcare professionals. Between office visits, patient can allow you to have access to their CareLink Personal data remotely to make therapy adjustment if needed.

It’s secured web-based therapy management software enables your patients to:

  • Upload data and information simply from their insulin pump, CGM device, and blood glucose meter into a free, web-based program
  • Gain access to an online logbook where they can record self-reported information such as how many carbohydrates they consumed
  • View the information stored on the system through several different types of reports. The reports provide information that can be used to identify trends and track daily activities
  • Together, these charts, graphs, and tables can help the patient to uncover patterns and problems more easily and more comprehensively than with meter software and logbook alone

Patients can easily upload to CareLink Personal software

Our diabetes management system for patients, CareLink Personal, allows the patients to upload and review their data –either through the compatible blood glucose meter, or through the specific CareLink USB device. From there, the patient will be guided through the process by the CareLink Personal software.

Patients can easily view CareLink personal reports: Commonly used reports

Summary report: Quick view

Provides an insightful summary of your patients' glucose control, insulin usage, carbohydrate intake, exercise and infusion set changes for the two-week period selected.


Sensor daily overlay report

Enables patients to identify recurring patterns easily by using a single chart that shows glucose sensor readings over 7 days.


Daily Summary report

A comprehensive report that identifies the cause and effect of specific high and low glucose events. It also offers detailed daily analysis of: glucose readings, basal and bolus insulin delivery, carbohydrate and exercise.

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