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Carelink® Pro
Giving you the additional insights to make more informed treatment decisions.

The purpose of CareLink® Pro Software is to take information transmitted from insulin pumps, Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) and glucose meter data and turn it into CareLink® Pro reports, designed so you can spend less time interpreting the data and more time working on solution with your patients. The reports provide information that can be used to identify trends, track daily activities and can further facilitate identification of patterns and patient behaviours that may affect their diabetes management. Our advanced software generates easy to read reports, identities patterns and offers therapy considerations to help you educate and motivate your patients.

Key Benefits of our diabetes management software:

Efficient and time saving

  • Data from insulin pumps1, monitors, and blood glucose meters as well as therapy data can be sent to the system and stored in one place.
  • As an option, CareLink® Pro interfaces with the CareLink® Personal system. If the patient permits it, CareLink® Pro software enables you to link to your patient's CareLink® Personal account for simple data transfer as well as remote access to the data.

Better treatment decisions

  • Specific patient events and behaviours are highlighted so you can make more informed treatment decision
  • Data is presented in a way that is concise and easy to understand
  • Reports facilitate answers to therapy concerns, such as patient adherence, patterns, and exceptions and offers therapy considerations

Synchronising accounts

With our diabetes management software, if patient permits, you are able to synchronise your CareLink® Pro account with your patient’s Personal account, which enables a simple and seamless data transfer. Having access to your patient’s data allows for easier consultation, even remotely.

How to synchronise your account

First, gain your patient’s permission, then set up a link to their CareLink® Personal account. Once you link to this account, from your account, you can retrieve the uploaded data in CareLink® Personal.

In order to link your CareLink® Pro account to your patient’s personal account, click on the “Patient Profile” tab and then on the button “LINK TO AN EXISTING ACCOUNT”.

You, or your patient will need to simply enter the User Name and password of his/her CareLink® Personal Account once in order to link to the account. After this step, the data will be updated automatically (note: this requires an internet connection).

Diabetes Therapy Management dashboard

We've moved data analysis forward by grouping the key information in one place:

Download Report

Hypo and Hyperglycaemic Episode summary

The software highlights the events preceding Hypo and Hyperglycaemic episodes

Download Report

SMARTGUARDTM CareLink ® Pro reports

In our drive to help you integrate patients with new technology, we use concise, recognisable graphics. This symbol highlights ‘suspend before low’ events on reports.

Your patient can take comfort in knowing that, based on the sensor glucose values, SmartGuard™ suspends basal insulin delivery when your patient is approaching a pre-set low limit2

SmartGuard™ displays on the following CareLink® Reports:  Sensor & Meter Overview, Therapy Management Dashboard, Device Settings Snapshot, Daily Detail and Adherence.

Examples of the SmartGuard™ display on CareLink® Pro Reports:

Download Report

Download Report

  1. System should only be used with the supported devices.
  2. The dynamic suspend feature is based on certain criteria: sensor glucose must be within 70 mg/dL of the low limit and predicted to be 20 mg/dL above the low limit within 30 minutes AND the pump must not be in the refractory period.

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