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At Medtronic, we know how lives are transformed when patients find the right insulin delivery system. We're working hard to make that happen faster – for more people. We're taking the lead on developing reservoirs and infusion sets that create the foundations for a better daily management of diabetes.

Medtronic MiniMed™ infusion sets and reservoirs are specifically designed for use with the with the 640G pump among other due to the unique P cap Luer connection. This technology is benefitting people around the world. Every year more than a hundred million MiniMed™ infusion sets and reservoirs are used.*

We understand that choosing the right system is key to successful insulin pump therapy. We're making this choice easier by ensuring the selection process is clear and transparent.


The MiniMed™ connection is the core part of our insulin delivery system. It is patented**, unique and features on every infusion set.

The MiniMed connection - benefits:

  • Secure – with a safe locking mechanism. The P Cap connector snaps into place on the reservoir, and in the MiniMed™ insulin pump, to prevent accidental loosening of the set
  • Ergonomic – with a large grabbing area for convenience
  • Comforting - the audible click reassures patients that all parts are connected and locked correctly. There are only 2 simple steps for a secured connection (insert image with click action – see below)
  • Integrated reservoir cap - the cap is securely integrated into the connection, unlike the Luer-lock systems, where loss or damage to the reservoir cap can lead to pump malfunction

Patients feedback

Diabetes patients who have had the chance to try both MiniMed and standard Luer connection, preferred the MiniMed P Cap connector 3 times more.*

MINIMED RESERVOIRS for insulin pumps

The reservoir can hold a 2 to 3 day supply of insulin. Patients should fill the reservoir with insulin - based on their personal daily insulin requirements. The reservoir fits into the pump’s reservoir compartment and will need to be replaced along with the infusion set every 2 to 3 days (or as per your indications).

The MiniMed™ reservoirs have been designed with patient safety in mind – making reservoir insulin filling a convenient process.


Minimed reservoir - benefits:

  • Fast, efficient reservoir filling and ease of handling. No assembly required - the reservoir is ready to use
  • Less risk of injury – unlike Luer reservoirs. There is no extra needle to handle - our design incorporates it into the transfer guard
  • Secure, stable and easy reservoir filling - the transfer guard fits neatly onto the insulin vial
  • The rounded shape is designed to reduce air bubbles
  • Less leakage or spillage - once the transfer guard is removed, a silicone membrane seals the reservoir
  • Available in 1.8 and 3 ml size. If your patient is using a 3 ml pump they can use either reservoir size. The patient’s insulin requirements for 2-3 days will determine which size reservoir is more beneficial

Insulin may lose its strength over time***, especially with heat and agitation. As this happens, insulin becomes less effective, and controlling blood glucose level becomes more difficult. It is critical to change the reservoir every 2 to 3 days (this can be done in tandem with infusion set change).


* Medtronic data on file
** Paradigm Connector - US Patent # 6,585,695
*** NovoLog® [proposed physician insert]. Princeton, NJ: Novo Nordisk Inc.; 2007.

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