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iPro®2 is a tool intended to continuously record interstitial glucose level in persons with diabetes. The information may allow you to identify your patient’s glucose-level excursions patterns, facilitating therapy adjustments, which may minimize these excursions.

Looking at complex data profiles can be overwhelming; we understand that. The iPro®2 Professional continuous glucose monitoring (CMG) has been designed to provide a more complete picture; Complete insights into your patients' glucose-level excursions, may help you make more informed therapy and lifestyle recommendations.

This is how iPro2 Professional CGM works

  • The iPro®2 is used by HCP for “masked” collection of glucose level data.
  • Patients wear the continuous glucose monitoring CGM devices (sensor + recorder) for 6-7 days and return it to the clinic to download the data.
  • Patients do not receive glucose alerts.
  • After study is over and you have reviewed the data, you may want to share it with the patient.

Which patients benefit from iPro2 Professional CGM?

Candidates for iPro2 Professional continuous glucose monitoring are patients with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes who experience any of the following

  • Are not at their HbA1c target
  • Hypoglycaemia
  • Believe they are experiencing the effect of hypo hypoglycaemia unawareness
  • Are changing their diabetes therapy treatment option
  • Undergoing lifestyle challenges.


  • Setting-up a patient on an iPro2 is quick and easy.
  • Minimal patient training
  • As there is no data monitor, patient does not need to manipulate the device.
  • See the bigger picture quickly
  • Data collected by the iPro2 recorder may be uploaded to a computer for your review.
  • The CareLink iPro software will organize the data into user-friendly reports that helps quickly visualizing the patient glucose excursions. The possible link between diet and/or daily activity on patient glucose levels, is flagged.
  • Get involved

New CareLink® iPro® Pattern Snapshot

Simplified glucose data that may:

Facilitate the data assessment - Easy-to-use visuals with the most important data on one page1

Help educate and coach patients – Includes details of each priority excursion with possible explanation for each pattern

Quickly identify hidden glucose-level excursions – The top three glucose-level excursions are identified with visuals of meal events and daily glucose values



1Based on market research, qualitative interviews with primary care physicians and endocrinologists, April 2015